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In Addition

We encourage clients to discuss with us their needs and concerns so that we can tailor our visits to their specific trees and vegetation.

We are also glad to develop new services for those clients who present us with special situations.



















Protection from trunk boring insects
            Pine Beetle (attacks most pine species in the urban landscape)
            Ash/Lilac Borer (attacks mostly Green Ash and Lilacs)
            Locust Borer (Affects mainly Locust)
            Ips Beetle (Infests Spruce)

Protection from fungal and bacterial diseases
            Leaf Spot Fungus
            Fire Blight
            Black Knot

Protection and treatment for foliar pests
            Spider Mites
            Tussic Moth
            Tip Moth
            Zimmerman Pine Moth

Nutrient Deficiencies
            Iron Chlorosis
            Manganese deficiency

Other Landowner Assistance Services
            GPS Mapping
            Forest Road Surveying
            Land Management Programs
            Tree and Forest Consultations


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