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Dogwood Forestry was founded to fulfill the need for quality forest management, urban and rural, in the most environmentally friendly ways possible. We strive to meet this goal by using the most current technology and information coupled with years of experience working with trees and tree pests. To accomplish this we use a combination of biological, cultural, and chemical methods.

Landowners and homeowners alike come to Dogwood Forestry for help managing and protecting their valuable forests or important “character” trees in a landscape. Management plans, tailored to an individuals specific needs, address immediate and future problems posed to thier particular location. The result is protecting and increasing the value of your property by maintaining the health and vigor of your trees.

“Without our customers, we wouldn’t be here,” means that Dogwood Forestry is a customer service based company, focused on customer service just as much as the health of our customer’s trees.




"I got into forestry because of my love for the outdoors, and I am passionate about making a positive change in the way we think about and care for our trees."
-Michael Neff





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