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Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t afford to treat all my trees, so should I bother treating any of them?
           Yes, if you have certain trees that hold value (sentimental, aesthetic, or monetary) to you and your landscape, you should consider protecting those trees. It is a lot cheaper to be proactive and treat your trees now than pay for some one to remove them later.

How much does it cost to treat one tree?
           The cost per tree is determined by the diameter at breast height (approx. 4.5 feet off the ground, DBH).
Learn how to measure DBH here

How long does an application last?
           For boring insects, such as Pine Beetles, the residual is three years. For foliar insects, such as aphids, the residual is one year.

Do you service Laramie and Cheyenne?
           Yes, we service Laramie, Cheyenne and the surrounding areas. We are licensed through the Colorado and Wyoming Departments of Agriculture as a qualified pesticide applicator and supervisor.

Does injection work as well as spraying?
           Injection works better because you are containing the pesticides within the tree itself, instead of on the tree. The result is a pesticide with a longer residual due to it being protected from environmental factors such as sun, wind and rain that speed up the chemical degradation.

Does drilling into the tree cause damage?
           No, the act of drilling into the tree does not cause damage due to the fact that we insert a plug with a rubber septum into the holes immediately after creating the hole. We then inject through the rubber septum and leave the plug in the tree to keep invaders out of the hole and allow the tree to grow over the plug.






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