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Our company strives to be a good environmental steward by using pesticides as responsibly as possible and by using highly controlled application methods. Dogwood Forestry uses the Arbor-jet injection system to treat for a wide array of tree problems. With this injection system, you can treat for all of the same tree problems as spraying, while at the same time eliminating all the negatives of spraying pesticides, such as unwanted chemical exposure, over-spray, and run-off.

By injecting the pesticides directly into the trees, it is contained in the vascular system of the trees, protecting the pesticides from environment and the environment from the pesticides. Meaning, with less pesticide exposure, you get a much longer residual protection because the chemical is protected from getting broken down by the sun, wind, and rain by being inside the tree instead of on the tree.

Our belief is that protecting your property, aesthetically and monetarily, should go hand in hand with protecting the environment. You don’t have to choose to protect your trees at the expense of the environment anymore.


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